1. My logo/cover design for the band Shouting Juice.


    For this part of the project we were given the option of several phrases which to carry out typographic experimentation. Examples included famous quotes of Shakespeare, Admiral Nelson and Julius Caesar, of which I chose the latter to explore.

  3. Not related to my Uni work, this was a commission to create a logo for House DJ, Ocelot Rampage.




  4. Another Typography Brief

    This was actually the first section of our typographic unit, based around our initials, and also conveniently provided me with a suitable Tumblr avatar.


  5. Typgraphy Brief

    imageWe had a week to create a typographic solution to one of a list of words given to us. This is the outcome, after what turned out to be quite a surprisingly difficult project.


  6. First Project Brief - A Sense of Space (p.4)

    I eventually decided to create an animation for the final outcome, primarily  as a way of challenging myself (considering I have no animation experience at all). This was created, rather primitively, as a stop motion animation in Windows Movie Maker over the course of many antisocial days and sleepless nights. Despite the relatively simple nature of my piece, it has given me a great appreciation of hand-drawn animation.

    Several ‘stills’ (or more accurately, the individual images that created the animation).

  7. Two variations of a logo created in a tutorial session. We were provided with the names of various companies and tasked with creating brand marks/logos for one of them (the brief specified that Ziggurat was an architectural firm).


  8. First Project Brief - A Sense of Space (p.3)

    Further investigations into creative solutions to the brief yielded some quite abstract results.


  9. First Project Brief - A Sense of Space (p.2)

    Following on from the work shown in my previous post, I took a more photographic approach to the brief. The images are all stills taken from a video recorded on my phone while walking through the station.




    These two compositions were created by overlaying all of the above images on top of one another with varying degrees of transparency


  10. First Project Brief - A Sense of Space (p.1)

    For this three week project we in sent in small group to specified locations in Nottingham. My area was the Victoria Centre Bus Station, which did not initially seem to be the most visually stimulating of locations, until I turned my focus to the people actually in the station*. It occurred to me that the station itself exists purely on a functional basis, acting only as a way to facilitate the swiftest route to the exit as possible. Speed, and the flow of crowds are key.

    I created a highly abstracted set of images based upon video footage of people legs as they walked past me, with colour swatches relating to different bus services.

    *Interestingly on the first we were ejected, albeit politely from the station for taking pictures without permission.